“Lynn and Toby always go above and beyond what is expected and their work is very high quality. They are great designers and photographers.”

Dennis Hengeveld, Web Developer for LinkedIn

“I was very lucky I found Lynn and Toby to create my website. Although I gave them a challenging project, which was to create a Japanese website, my experience with them was very positive and fun. I was very surprised when they created my website logo in JAPANESE! Their work has been very quick, accurate and sophisticated which was always beyond my expectations. They listened to my needs and requests in a very positive way. Also they gave me clear feedback and explanations at all times. I appreciate the joy that Lynn and Toby gave and I love my beautiful website very much. I operate several websites so I would like to work with Lynn and Toby again in the future. Thank you very much!”

Kaori Omichi, Client |

“Lynn and Toby are the best in the business. From creating beautiful and highly functional websites to going above and beyond by providing business packages (logos, business cards, notes, letterheads etc.)– you won’t find a more talented team to work with. They gave my ideas life, and helped my ministry grow from a thought to a full-fledged non-profit organization.”

Andrea Thompson, Client |

“When looking for a web developer/designer, you’d like to find someone who listens to your needs AND fulfills those needs with creative solutions that go beyond what you could have envisioned. If that’s what you need, Lynn and Toby Cummings are the answer. With a combination of highly creative and functional design skills and a solid understanding of overall site development (a rare combination), you’ll actually enjoy working with web developers again!”

Perry Brown, Web Developer for Weaving The Web

“Working with Lynn & Toby was a very positive experience for us. From the first phone call to finalizing the project. Enjoyed their down to earth business manner and their above the earth talents and skills in web design.”

Cindy Messenger, Client | Hot Springs Public Library

“We have been very impressed with Lynn’s thoroughness and attention to detail, her depth of knowledge of the myriad facets involved in designing a visually appealing and user-friendly website, and her outstanding customer service. We brought her a rather complex project, as we needed to have several websites be distinct and yet have a relationship with one another. Lynn developed a design plan to accomplish this goal, and definitely went the extra mile in completing the project. Throughout our time working with her she was exceedingly prompt and helpful in responding to questions and issues, and has continued to be very responsive in working with our production team. You can trust Lynn to deliver what she promises, and more!”

Kevin & Kay Marie Brennfleck, Clients | Christian Career Center

“Thanks so much for all your hard work & patience in getting our beautiful website done! We especially appreciate your accomodating our erratic pace. This project progressed perfectly for us – we never felt pressured or ignored! Your expertise was everywhere evident from design to writing and teaching and also in places I don’t even know about. I also feel very lucky and comfortable in knowing that if I need help or need to make changes in the future, you will be there! So thanks so much for everything. You have a company and offer customer service to be proud of. You have gone above and beyond!”

Rich & Jackie Gericke, Clients | Earth Goods Natural Foods

“Lynn originally designed our site in 1999. We needed a redesign for functionality and search engine recognition for the 21st century. Lynn & Toby were able to retain the beauty of our site while updating the functionality. And they brought a draft back to us quickly and adjusted it with our input. We couldn’t be happier with the product and their professionalism.”

Charles & Cindy Meek, Clients | FaithFacts

“Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you put into my website! It looks great, and I can actually say I’m proud of it. You were such a pleasure to work with. I hope we will get to meet some day in the near future.”

Aimee Drysdale, Client |

“Lynn and Toby developed for us a web site for which we have received many positive comments. The site adds an air of professionalism to our non-profit organization. On a few occasions when we had issues that needed to be addressed very quickly, they went the extra mile for us. We are very pleased with the relationship we have with Lynn and Toby.”

Bill Gabbert, Executive Director, IAWF, Client | International Association of Wildland Fire

“Our organization desperately needed a web site upgrade and without a full-time web designer on staff we were at a loss as to how to make this happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. Enter Lynn and Toby. Presented with a brief description of our needs and some visual concepts, they took the proverbial ball and ran with it. They came back to us with templates that were exactly what we were looking for and as we began to add our own content they were right there to help us with any questions. The quality of their design work and their quick response to questions has been outstanding. We couldn’t ask for a better working relationship. Thanks, Lynn and Toby!”

Bob deJonge, Client & Art Director for The Calvinist Cadet Corps

“Lynn is an incredible designer, and an even better photographer. She’s very thoughtful and thorough in her designs and has a very good understanding of what goes into a really good design (print and web). If you’re in need of some design work, or a great photograph–Lynn is an excellent choice… no doubt!”

Nathan Ho, Web Developer for 5Q Communications

“We highly recommend theDivaDev team for all your website development needs. It is hard to please a large group of people but we haven’t received one negative comment about our new website. That says a lot about DivaDev’s ability to capture the essence of what we wanted. They were sensitive to our needs and desires with the site design and content and extremely helpful in getting us going through the different stages of the project.”

Pastor Mark Crossman, Client |

“RackPacks Outfitters, Inc. contacted Lynn Cummings in the Spring of 2007 for our website design and development. We have heard nothing but excellent comments concerning our website. The layout, design and overall appearance of the site is great. The customer service we have received since launching the site has been first rate. We would highly recommend Lynn if you are in the market for a top-notch website.”

Don Massa and Lance Verhuslt Clients | RackPacks Outfitters, Inc.

“You truly can’t find a better web design and development team to work with. Your ideas are taken and made into something you never could have imagined. It has truly been a joy to work with them, and so easy. They truly care about the final product. Yours is not just another website; they make you feel like yours is the only website.”

Adele Rehm, Client | The Boutique Bridal featuring The Loft

“DivaDev has been a crucial asset to the direction we are taking our organization. They have been very thorough and always ahead of the game concerning our needs. Ongoing support and assistance is excellent.”

Dwayne Heafner, CIO, Client | Fall River Health Services